Mission of Masterbatch for coloring carriers

Polymer begins without any colors. Masterbatch delivers extra value to plastics by adding colors into carrier resins which makes our eyes delighted.

Mission of Masterbatch for coloring carriers

Masterbatch – Color Masterbatch.
Masterbatch (or color Masterbatch) is solid additive which is used to add into carrier resin. It’s compounding of pigments which attract our eyes with black, white and other colors. Plastic producers use masterbatch for adding colors, reducing production costs, appearance and high dispersion purposes.

Masterbatch plays an important role in plastic industry. As you can see, Masterbatch is serving our living with cheaper costs for plastic products. It’s because most of plastic products are used this material for cost effectiveness reason. It could be more expensive for using plastics if processors used totally virgin polymer in comparison with adding Masterbatch to replace for a part of one.

Masterbatch is used for coloring plastics. It’s core benefit. How do you imagine if our living without color in plastics? It’s so boring, for sure. Carrier material itself there is no any colors. There is no differences and nothing attracts our eyes without colors. Using Masterbatch creats more value. It’s coloring Carrier resins and applications that attract our eyes with beautiful colors.

Plastex Masterbatches
Being considered as specialist in Masterbatch field, we are providing Masterbatches for customers in over 60 countries. Our products are adding more value in many industries such as: packaging, fibers, agriculture, infrastructure, automotive, … We offer wide range of high quality products that designed for delivering the best solution to meet performance and polymers specific requirements. Our Masterbatches that make our customer’s satisfaction included:
– Black Masterbatch
– White Masterbatch
– Color masterbatch
– Filler Masterbatch
– Additive Masterbatch

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